Friday, August 13, 2010

Our 2010 Journey... So Far

Here is a short video, featuring all of the members of the family here.  Starting at the New Year with my sister Sharon and Michael, we wander from January 2010 through July 2010.

Highlights include:
  • The 'Snowmageddon' Storm of 2010; we got over 20 inches of snow, a record for the DC area
  • Our 'Weekend to Remember' where we got a chance to reaffirm our love for each other, held at the Gaylord overlooking the Potomac.
  • One of the best memories of my lifetime with my two sons, Mark and Michael.  We travelled to Lake Tahoe, California and skied Heavenly Valley for 5 days.  The boys were awesome, I broke my clavicle on the second to last day, but this did not stop me from skiing on Friday.  This was a special time for my sons and I.  I am so very proud of both of them and know that they will make Great Men and Great Fathers in the traditions of this family.  From my Grandpa Jim, Dad Jim, Leon, through to them.  The tradition continues.
  • We celebrated Michael's birthday in March at Chimas.  The Brazilian Steakhouse for true Meatatarians.
  • For the first time, Kelly, Michael, Cheryl and I went to the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  Beautiful.
  • Mothers Day overlooking the Potomac
  • Visit from 'his highness' Prince Luke of Cowabunga.  The visit including trips to the National Aquarium in Baltimore with Larissa and Luke was a treasure.  Aunt Kelly continues to be Luke's FAVORITE Aunt.
  • Memorial Day on the Capital's Steps was an Inspirational Day.  With Sharon, we were all touched by the messages and music.  (Lesson Learned, Bring an umbrella, the sun can be brutal).
  • We finished May with a visit to Virginia's Wine Country with our 'bestest' neighbor Regina, Sharon and family.  (Nothing like several bottles of wine and a beautiful Virginia Day to cap a perfect weekend.)
  • Then, it is Baseball Season, where we have witnessed Teddy come up with ever increasingly complex ways to lose the 'Presidential Race'.  Great Times with family.
  • My Birthday was spent on on the Chesapeake in a schooner called the Woodwind .  Wonderful day capped by a walk around Annapolis - Go Navy!
  • Michael and his Aunt Sharon topped the first half of the year off with a Trip to Puerto Rico.
Well those are the highlights... so far.  If you like this, let me know by posting a comment and letting me know that you dropped by.

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